Semester 2 Project Part 4: Diet Analysis Infographic and Reflection

From doing this diet analysis, I have learned a lot about nutrition and how I can improve my nutrition.  I also noticed a few areas where I did well on and others where I need to improve upon.  I analyzed what I ate on 2/3/16 and based on the pie chart in the infographic, my diet consisted of 35.2% fat, 20.7% protein, and 45.5% carbs. My goal was 20% intake of fat and I went over my target. In my infographic, I included ways I can improve this, which I can purchase and consume organic walnuts and almonds from Wholes/Trader Joe’s. I can also use natural cooking oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. For protein, my goal was 35% and I went a little less. I can purchase and consume organic meats and fish from Whole Foods. For carbs, my goal was 45% and I was actually in the average range of 45-65% intake of carbs for an average person. I can maintain this by continue eating brown rice and whole wheat pasta and oats.

According to the infographic, I mostly did not meet my target for a few of the food groups and all of the minerals/vitamins. I tend to drink a lot of milk on a daily basis, however it is not enough. I can improve my calcium level by eating yogurt with fruits and granola. This way, I can maintain my dairy target and improve in grains, calcium, potassium and fruits. In the infographic, I also wrote about ways I can improve my nutrition overall. But, besides consuming healthier foods, I can also improve my health by exercising more outside. I usually go to a gym to exercise, but I can go on a run outside, therefore I can obtain vitamin D from the sun.