The Fruit Flush Diet

The Fruit Flush Diet is a three-day detox plan, which consists of fruit, salad, and protein to cleanse your system. The first day (pre-flush day) consists of a protein shake every two hours between 8am and 4pm, followed by 8-12 ounces. of water. Dinner is a large salad with sources of protein – lean chicken, fish or turkey, eggs – at 6pm. The next two days consist of consuming a serving of fruits every two hours from 8am until 4pm. This is followed by dinner, which is a large salad and one protein shake.

Compared to Choose My Plate, the Fruit Flush Diet only allows one to consume fruits, proteins, vegetables, and oils. In the Fruit Flush Diet, you obtain the appropriate serving amount of fruits, proteins and vegetables from the salads, and oils from salad dressing. Choose My Plate allows one to obtain the proper nutrition from each food group with a variety of foods to choose for your own. It is recommended that one consumes:

One and a half cups of fruit

Two and a half cups of vegetables

Five and a half ounces of protein

Three ounces of grain

One cup of dairy


Personally, I would not choose to go on this diet because the guidelines do not allow me to consume a variety of foods. When I am usually hungry throughout the day, I snack on granola bars or cereal. Being on the Fruit Flush Diet, I would be restricted to grains, dairy, and other specific foods. I think I would get hungry pretty easily because I am cutting out a fair amount of what I eat on a daily basis. It would be a struggle to go to restaurants as well. I would have to arrange my activities around when I am scheduled to eat if I were to go on this diet plan. Although the time span for this diet is only three days, it takes commitment for go through this diet plan. Besides investing in the produce, one will need to buy protein shake mix – this diet plan is not that costly. There aren’t any “special foods” involved in this plan, however the hub of the diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables in order to cleanse the system.

According to the plan developer Jay Robb, he said that one could lose weight up to nine pounds within this three-day detox diet plan. Most of the weight lost would be from water, however one would gain it back after the diet is finished. This diet plan is only for a short-term lifestyle. Lastly, it is suggested by Robb that one should not exercise during these three days because of the “low calorie consumption” and “dieters may find themselves extremely hungry or tired”.

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